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Trump Cookies: Drill Baby Drill Cookies

Trump Cookies: Drill Baby Drill Cookies

End the War on Fossil Fuel

Remember when gas was was less than $2.50 a gallon? You'll have to go way back to President Trump's administration, because Biden's war on fossil fuels has driven gas prices up by more than 30% (and they are rising again)! 

But it's not just the price of gas that is impacted by the accelerated move to "green". There are thousands of products made from fossil fuels. Moreoever, renewables are not reliable enough to power our needs. Wind is unpredictable and solar only works during the day when it's not overcast or cloudy. Since energy cannot be stored, the slashing of coal-based continuous-duty energy in favor of wind and solar leaves us short of the energy we need. Oh, and guess who knows the importance of coal to support the energy needs of its country...yep, you guessed it. China. 

"Drill Baby Drill" is President Trump's answer to the challenges we are experiencing. Rather than begging the Saudis to not cut production or going to Argentina to source oil and gas, as Biden has done, we should be tapping our own. But no, it doesn't fit with Biden's agenda. It also doesn't fit with Americans' inflation-impacted shrinking wallets. Drill baby, drill! 



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